When Summer Came Calling

Hey-howdie-hey!!!!  and welcome to another carefully-planned and executed blog xD

there was no question as to what i was going to do today... i had it all here in my head.. just as i planned xD

todays topic is ----------------->


 but seriously guys today i wanted to talk to you guys about ---------->

a while ago Phineas and Ferb Flectcher told us  kids that :
" theres a 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it..
so the annual problem for our generation..
is finding a good way to spend it!!"

right you are phineas! thats a lot of time to run out of ideas -_-
so for those of you who cant spend all summer building a rocket, finding a mummy or climbing up the eiffel tower.. here's all the  brand new irresponsible, wacky & liberating (+slightly crazy) things that i came up with, for you to do this year XD
#1 go to sleep ... all day
 it can't hurt can it? besides who doesnt like a good cat nap XD
#2 Make a music video
 these things are fun to do, you can goof around with your friend (and get into loads of trouble :p)
all at the expense of getting a couple 100 views on youtube ... sounds like fun -_-
#3 Make a website
i've put a lot of hard work into making this blog and i'm telling you it was worth every minute XD
#4 See one of those big blockbuster summer movies. Bonus points if it's in 3-D.
just do it already its kinda sad to think you havn't done this already -_-
#5 Teach yourself the dance routine from Thriller. It's like "Single Ladies" (Beyonce)  but more terrifying.
get that lost MJ groove of your's going XD .. hopefully the king of pop won't get another heart-attack from up there as he watches you gyrate to zero % synchronisation
#6 Stay in bed all day and eat lots of cookies and other crumbly things.
take a lesson from our lovable cokkie- monster .... because crumbly- things rock!
#7 Open your window and sing your favourite song out loud
Isuggest you do this every morning of your 104 day vacation with-out missing a day .. did i mention everyday??! .. and don't worry i'm sure the neighbours won't mind :p
#8 Ask someone you don’t know out for a coffee (or even better, ask someone you like out on a date!)
yes its troy and gabriella .. weren't they the most awesome summer pair ever??!
it'll be interesting to hear if any of you went through with this when i see you guys in june...
and no worries if you don't find that special someone ....there's always your mum and grandma ( i bet you like them heaps!)
#9 Eat what you want and don’t worry about your weight (or health). I suggest cupcakes.
 just because comfort food will always be comfort food .. no compromises on that aspect XD
#10 and finally... I have always dreamt of  _____________, but never done it because ___________, but I’d like to liberate myself from ________ . Today is the day!
nothing more to be said here its up to you to fill in the blanks and make your summer the best time ever :)
so i hope i've helped give you a tiny idea as to how to chart out your summer
heres to loads of pool parties, fun 'n' games and unlimited internet browsing!! XD
until we meet again  (a.k.a-  this winter.. cos you'll never get over summer..)


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