A Quick Update...

Hello world!

(Adopting a new catch-phrase henceforth. It's 2018. Don't ask.)

A new year is upon us! And it seems to have renewed my desire to blog again. I'm not going to apologize for my lackluster track record of blogging these past few months because the IB has consumed me whole (and if you don't know what the IB stands for, consider yourself generously bestowed with time, friends and a will to live.)

Here's what I'm catching you up on- life. Well, life as it stands now. Things that tickle my funny bone and music that makes me believe I'm hipster.

So life wise, I'm in my final quarter of my high school experience. The finish line is close, but spirits are dwindling and hanging on by a thread. Utilitarianism is a quandary, and the pursuit of Differential equations seem futile. But other than that life is dandy. I've been accepted to a university in Japan, halfway across the globe from where I am now, in a small town in the southern island of Kyushu. That's pretty mind-blowing. They have a lot of hot springs and expensive bus passes I hear. Fun!

I shaved my head.

Well that was almost a month ago.
Here's what it looks like now :

shaved my head because I wanted to and because it's so low maintenance which means I can sleep in for an extra 20 mins. I also wanted to screw up the notion of needing hair to look feminine.
Also, don't believe the naysayers. Shaving your head will honestly change your outlook on bad hair days and bring the sass back into your life. I'm the only girl in my high school to do so and hopefully, I won't be the last.

MUSIC. I've been listening to a lot of it lately. Here are a few that have put the "ooo" back into my mojooo:

Opposite The Other- "Everybody Knows"
Royal Blood - "Little Monster"
Foo Fighters - "The Sky Is A Neighborhood"
Outkast - "Hey Ya"
The Score - "Legend"
G-Eazy - "No Limit"
George Michael - "Freedom '90"

That's all for now. enjoy your weekend, whilst I lie in bed bored out of my wit's end.

Until next time,


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