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The Stuff Of Legends

Hey there mon chér!
welcome. sit.
no wait! grab yourself a snack and a cup of elixir (if you're worthy enough) and then come back.
good? no? make haste! we've got things to talk about and not enough time.
but then again whoever had time as an adversary?

Alice Through The Looking Glass (In Cinemas May 27th)
TeeHee. xD
Oy Vey. I've strayed off topic haven't I? Well today, what should I address? I know for starters that today is a new day. Another chance for all of humanity to redo and unlearn everything they've yearned to be. Its a day where new babes are being born right this very second and the very essence of life is being snuffed out like a candlestick. Today is also a day when Dreams are being crushed and at the very same time - remarkably! Dreams are also changing the face of our humble human race WHEW. That was waaaay to deep. TIME OUT.

Dreams. I think that's what we're going to have a nice chat about.

The World started out because of one big dream. som…