The Stuff Of Legends

Hey there mon chér!
welcome. sit.
no wait! grab yourself a snack and a cup of elixir (if you're worthy enough) and then come back.
good? no? make haste! we've got things to talk about and not enough time.
but then again whoever had time as an adversary?

Alice Through The Looking Glass (In Cinemas May 27th)
TeeHee. xD
Oy Vey. I've strayed off topic haven't I?
Well today, what should I address? I know for starters that today is a new day. Another chance for all of humanity to redo and unlearn everything they've yearned to be. Its a day where new babes are being born right this very second and the very essence of life is being snuffed out like a candlestick.
Today is also a day when Dreams are being crushed and at the very same time - remarkably! Dreams are also changing the face of our humble human race
WHEW. That was waaaay to deep.

Dreams. I think that's what we're going to have a nice chat about.

The World started out because of one big dream. some of you might not believe in the divinity behind creation and even so, I believe someone/ something way before us dreamt us up. Its no secret that Neanderthals dreamt big and discovered the wheel and fire itself! If a bunch of burly croods could think up amazing, lofe-altering inventions... What happened to us? Have I, a creature of the moment, stopped attempting to think beyond my own fate?!
 Lately I've been uninspired. Dull to say the least. I attribute it to a lack of dreams
 Do we even dream anymore?

Now you and I've had our fair share of day dreams and lazy dreams and earnest dreams. Chances are these dreams of ours haven't always come to fruition. We hope to be things we can't achieve. We postulate what our lives might be like if only we had prettier hair, a beautiful face, an adoring audience. Ah! to have an audience. I might have been able to change the world.

you know sometimes, we underestimate our dreams. we fail to see the real brute force that a dream can have. Simple Example? Charles Xavier in the X-Men series. I recently watched the movie and one of the most notable things I realized is that that he was a man with a plan. Little ol' Charles- a nobody,a freak as a kid- dreamt big (like seriously big :0) a little down the road he had his own school, a mind- powerful enough to be telepathic world-wide and a legion of butt-kicking mutants.

And the guy is fictional for crying out loud!

So if Charles Xavier could do it... why can't you and I even try?

Granted, we're living in a world that still slut-shames us, that still swears by its labels, that refuses to acknowledge love for what is. All I'm saying is wouldn't it be awesome if we began dreaming again? If we thought up something so incredible like our Neanderthal uncles and aunts waaaaaay back in the day. Would it hurt to TRY? 
take it from Shia LeBouf xD

So dream up a milky way! dream up the perfect utopian universe! dream of love you never thought existed! Dream to be more than a rat race! Dream up a robo-revolution like Sonny from I-robot for all i care ( because artificial intelligence is overrated xD)

Its a lot to take in, but i believe the serendipity at the end is worth all the crap you'll have to face in a lifetime of dull existence.. So get a hold of yourself and don't dream up an ethereal life, instead you get out there and live your dream!!
I'm not implying that life is going to be a fairy tale.I am however emphasizing the need to Carpe Diem! All said and done we kinda owe it to our measly selves.
         You and I have to dream up the stuff of legends, because you and I are legends in our own right. And Dreams are the stuff of legends.

Oh boy I feel like an over-optimistically-hungover Ross Geller after all that. I bet Rachel cringed.
No? Too much? Meh let's not kill the moment shall we? Until next time!
Your effervescent day-dreaming-disaster,


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