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Ok. so maybe i am stealing Marcus Butler's tagline here on out ( and if you don't know who he is SHAME ON YOU) whatever.
anyway hello! welcome. sit. make yourselves comfy.
and hey WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!! its the end of January already :0
no matter. All is not lost, except for the  tiny fact that I really haven't stuck to my "blog-once-in-a-week-all-year" resolution. yay me! yay us! for really sticking to those new year resolutions *rolling eye emoji*
Anyway here's what i wanted to talk to you guys about today ~ FRIENDSHIP, more like: Beautiful, Wonderful, Cursed, FriENDship Ok so first up, sorry if this post is a tad gloomy. i know i know.. its a happy blog, not a sad one. APOLOGIES. I'm only human and I feel like I can talk to you guys more openly than any old friend i might ever have. So excuse moi  and hear me out.

Here's the deal if any of you guys have ever watched the hit telecom series- "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" ya'll pr…

New Year? Lets Procrastinate Together!!! ^~^

hey howdy-hey! my minions/minionettes/ other-non-gender-specific-butt-hurt-entities
welcome to another edition of Everyday Epiphanies!! sorry for my inexplicable tardiness, i know i know! i really should write more often and a hell lot more consistently.
can you believe it .. its been a whole year now :0

( I mean a whole year of 2015 .. not like I've been blogging diligently for the past one year or anything *blushing emoji*)

So It's 2016 and i thought i should try and revive my age old secrets to coming up with the perfect New Year's Resolutions, but then as luck would have it.. i had a sudden Epiphany
well...yeaa.. whatever ._. I know what ya'll are thinking, bear with me. this "epiphany" thing is going to get old real soon. but until then its all I've got for ya :p  back to the matter at hand... so instead of mapping, planning and charting out goals to achieve this year ... (that both you and I know for a fact you aren't going to follow through come…