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When Summer Came Calling

Hey-howdie-hey!!!!  and welcome to another carefully-planned and executed blog xD

there was no question as to what i was going to do today... i had it all here in my head.. just as i planned xD

todays topic is ----------------->

  but seriously guys today i wanted to talk to you guys about ---------->
a while ago Phineas and Ferb Flectcher told us  kids that :
" theres a 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it.. so the annual problem for our generation.. is finding a good way to spend it!!"
right you are phineas! thats a lot of time to run out of ideas -_- so for those of you who cant spend all summer building a rocket, finding a mummy or climbing up the eiffel tower.. here's all the  brand new irresponsible, wacky & liberating (+slightly crazy) things that i came up with, for you to do this year XD #1 go to sleep ... all day  it can't hurt can it? besides who doesnt like a good cat nap XD

#2 Ma…

The Fan-girling Phenonmenon

So its another B-E-A-U-TIFUL day and i'd like to say that this blogging businesss is rather exciting XD ...
for todays blog i decided to touch a very near and dear subject to many (one i'm all-too familiar with XD) -
                 The Fan- Girling Phenomenon
 so what is fan-girling you ask?? to put it simply-
...and before you boys decide this is not a topic for you .. you might want to THINK TWICE XD

yup i know dudes who faint at the sight of a brand new anime *cough cough* (dude you know who you are ;p) or when the latest Assassin's Creed version is released etc. etc. fact is you guys absolutely cannot escape from the the clutches of the fangirl-phenomenon!!!
i am sure you do bro -_-
 so today i wanted to address this mind-boggling issue that has lead to a whole new generation of teenage drama-queens and kings ... some of the questions faced being WHY?? ,WHEN?? IS IT INFECTIOUS?? and HOW THE HECK DO I SAVE MYSELF??!!

the answer is a really simple one :

yeah.. this du…

The Luck Of The Irish

hello there my mimi-minion army!!
welcome to another (hopefully??) exciting and intuitive edition of everyday epiphanies :)
so i'd been wondering what to write about in this blog and it suddenly hit me!! happens to be-

                                                             St. Patricks Day!!

And considering the fact  that i'm absolutely dotty about the irish ( NIALL HORAN  and DANNY O' DONOGHUE!!!!!!!!)  i figured i might as well help all those who don't know exactly what it is , fully comprehend what goes behind the making of St. Patricks day :)

 so all i know is that there are a lot of gnome people, green painted -stuff, pot-o-gold XD and heaps of clovers that make it what it is .. and then of course there's the all-important parade that takes place in dublin,Ireland ... but heres the lowdown on some stuff that you didnt know -

#1. All Irish pubs used to be closed on St. Patricks Day.
 Until the 1970's, St. Patrick's Day was considered a religi…

'The "Bestie" Tag'

So... hey there my wonderful minions!
it's my first ever blog and am i enjoying it or what??!
so here's the deal .. i write stuff on the simplicity of life, why boys are crazy, why girls are drama queens etc etc. you know? - the works , for you to grasp with your  significantly finite  amount of wisdom.. just kidding XD ... anyway heres what todays blog's going to be about-
'The "Bestie" Tag'
we've all got that one guy/girlfriend friend who we just can't live without :P .. i mean he/she's the dude/dudette who you'd talk to about every nitty-gritty detail in your mundane life but you guys arent dating .. so to speak.. but you wanna show the world just how close you to are so you decide to label the poor fellow as your very own "bestie" ... i mean what????! ladies/gentlemen have we allowed humanity to fall this far?? XD so where does one put a line between your friendship before things get , do i daree say it , AKWARD ??
well her…