'The "Bestie" Tag'

So... hey there my wonderful minions!
it's my first ever blog and am i enjoying it or what??!
so here's the deal .. i write stuff on the simplicity of life, why boys are crazy, why girls are drama queens etc etc. you know? - the works , for you to grasp with your  significantly finite  amount of wisdom.. just kidding XD ... anyway heres what todays blog's going to be about-
                                                             'The "Bestie" Tag'
we've all got that one guy/girlfriend friend who we just can't live without :P .. i mean he/she's the dude/dudette who you'd talk to about every nitty-gritty detail in your mundane life but you guys arent dating .. so to speak.. but you wanna show the world just how close you to are so you decide to label the poor fellow as your very own "bestie" ... i mean what????! ladies/gentlemen have we allowed humanity to fall this far?? XD so where does one put a line between your friendship before things get , do i daree say it , AKWARD ??
well here's the thing i'd like to say that i'm a guru and i know how this whole thing works but .. no i don't :/
see thats  just one of the many epiphanies in life that i had this morning ... i no nothing about how to talk to my bestie without making us both .. you know.. awkward .. so i want to know what you guys like to do to save your tumultuous relationships from breaking-down .. cos i want a crash course in "How life works when with besties".. i look forward to reading your comments guys .. cos i have a feeling they're going to be smash-tastic XD besides i'm pretty much exhausted just having to type this all out
and on that positive note goodbye , arridevici and sayonara
heres to many more epic blogs in the future XD


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