The Bro-Zone

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So since we've all just celebrated Valentine's day yesterday I figured we'll just stick along the lines of something like that now shall we? xD

So here's what I think. and this is just a personal stand-point mind you~
(and I'm sure most of you will agree with me) 

I think it's also worth mentioning at this point that I am singularly the most SINGLE person one could ever be at the moment.
but no worries.
we're all going to die alone ..together. HUZZAH!

Also, after years and years of intense observation and research I have come to conclude that most of us fall prey to the dreadful "Bro-zone" (also known as the female version of the friend "Friend-Zone") right around the time that Valentine's day draws near.

It has been speculated that women do not end up in the friend zone as frequently as men. But where they may end up is in the Bro Zone.
Though some consider it a male version of the friend zone; it is widely accepted that the Bro Zone is worse for the poor women stuck in it.
(Two Zooey Deschanel .gifs in one day! *pats self on the shoulder* xD)

The bro zone is the area of female abandonment that happens somewhere between having a “Transformers” marathon with us and touching our butts. When a girl is in the bro zone, she’s just that: a bro.
She is no longer a majestic feminine creature of sexual desire and pleasant smells; she’s your Guitar Hero challenger and your blackout buddy.

This might prove to be fatal to most budding relationships and/or awkward-bestie-tag friendships-concerning-equally-awkward-teenagers worldwide 

So even if this blog is more female-to-male approach oriented than vice-versa, stick around because you might just find a few bits and pieces of invaluable advice hidden in here somewhere!

Now without much further ado here's my top 5 indications that, YOU'VE sailed right into.....

#1 "Awkward meter" gone wild
If you tell me that the two of you feel more comfortable sitting somewhere in the middle of the Bermuda-Love-Triangle than to actually just have the guts to go tell him/her that you may like her, we both know that you're kidding yourself -_-
So unless you want things to be awkward, you might wanna sail past the B-L-T. 
"that" ship has clearly sailed.

#2 friEND?
So unless you're an ardent reader of my blog you probably won't even get the reference xD
No Seriously.Go Read it.
Ok.So I don't mean to say that this is the end of the road for the two of you as far as your friendship is concerned. FAR FROM IT.
I'm saying if the two of you don't work out (which is what I've gleaned from years and years of patient trying :'( ) Odds are your friendship will never quite be the same again. Things get awkward as they should be.

So would you rather be a really AWESOME friend than a real suck-ish lover?

#3 The Wait.
And of course there are those days of incredible unrest and vexation that lead up to and beyond the days of the Bro-Zone.
It's like... you can't tell him/her, but you can't keep it in you any longer either.
So you both settles to be life-long pals and die on the inside
so spare everyone the deliriousness and go tell them already.

#4  You’re in the “ugly Snapchat face” zone

We know this zone all too well. Mostly reserved for our roommates or close siblings, the ugly Snapchat zone is a subcategory of the bro zone. It represents not caring how hideous you look when that front-facing camera comes on. 
You no longer roam around looking for good lighting, or let your hair down.You screw up your face into the most disturbing, hobbit-looking expression you can muster and let your bro have the privilege of viewing it.
This is the ultimate level of trust and respect. Because God forbid he chooses to screenshot, you’re indebted to him for life.
Like so. Only that isn't snapchat. and the lighting isn't so bad either :0

#5 You binge-watch inappropriate TV shows together

Most girls find it embarrassing how inappropriate a couple's sense of humor is. We may roll our eyes at the fart or *cough* *cough*  jokes our imaginary boyfriends make, but if you get us alone with the movie “Ted” and a bottle of coke, we’ll laugh until sounds come out of us we never thought existed.

Respond to these bro zone warnings as you will. Some women enjoy the bro zone, preferring male companionship to female. That’s totally fine; don’t let social standards of the dating world affect who you’re friends with.
If you want to be one of the bros, be the best damn bro you’ve ever been.

Until next week Mon Chéri's!
Sayonara :)
Liza Aira xX


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