The Luck Of The Irish

hello there my mimi-minion army!!
welcome to another (hopefully??) exciting and intuitive edition of everyday epiphanies :)
so i'd been wondering what to write about in this blog and it suddenly hit me!! happens to be-                                                       

                                                             St. Patricks Day!!

And considering the fact  that i'm absolutely dotty about the irish ( NIALL HORAN  and DANNY O' DONOGHUE!!!!!!!!)  i figured i might as well help all those who don't know exactly what it is , fully comprehend what goes behind the making of St. Patricks day :)


so all i know is that there are a lot of gnome people, green painted -stuff, pot-o-gold XD and heaps of clovers that make it what it is .. and then of course there's the all-important parade that takes place in dublin,Ireland ... but heres the lowdown on some stuff that you didnt know -

#1. All Irish pubs used to be closed on St. Patricks Day.
 Until the 1970's, St. Patrick's Day was considered a religious holiday, and therefore, all pubs and bars were closed. The end of that law certainly benefitted Ireland's pub owners - and everyone else, for that matter XD.

#2. The very first St. Patrick's Day parade didn’t take place in Ireland
Organized by 27 Irish immigrants in Boston, the first parade actually took place there in 1737.

#3. St. Patrick wasn't Irish

sorry to dissapoint you gordon XD... but yes .. yes  it's a sore subject, but St. Patrick was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century. His parents were Roman citizens living in the UK.

#4. St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in space. Twice!!
In 2011, the International Space Station had a March 17th celebration with Irish-Ameircan astronaut Catherine Coleman. Coleman played a tin whistle while floating in space. Then, in 2013, astronaut Chad Hadfield performed Danny Boy from the space station.

#5. St. Patrick’s name wasn’t actually Patrick.
woah . shocker XD ....His real name was actually Maewyn Succat. Believe it.

#6.The presidential shamrock bowl is promptly destroyed.
Every year around St. Patrick's day, the Irish prime minister, or Taoiseach, gives the US President a bowl of shamrocks ( for those of you who don't know what a shamrock is its a type of clover leaf ). For security reasons, it's disposed of by the US Secret Service.... whhuutt??!

#7.The Shamrock isn't the national symbol of Ireland.

Though the shamrock is popular (popular being an understatement -_-) , the harp is the symbol most frequently found on historical and official documents.

#8.Unsurprisingly, St. Patrick's Day is a great day for brewers.
 2012 study showed that beer sales hit about $245 million on the holiday... brewers are all set to own that life-time dream of a yatch *starting from the bottom now we here* XD

#9. The first St. Patricks Day Parade was kind of lame -_-

The shortest Patrick’s Day parade took place in the village of Dripsey in Cork. The parade spanned just 77 feet between the two pubs in the village.

#10. A plumber came up with the idea of dying the Chicago River.

Steve Bailey was the head of a plumbers union in Chicago in 1962, when he realized that a dye to trace pollution stained all of his colleague's clothes green. In a show of support for the Irish, Bailey propositioned that they use the dye to turn the river green, and the city has been doing it ever since.

and thats about it folks! hope you guys have a very happy st. patricks day :) until we meet again
au revoir and ce la vie XD


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