The Fan-girling Phenonmenon

So its another B-E-A-U-TIFUL day and i'd like to say that this blogging businesss is rather exciting XD ...
for todays blog i decided to touch a very near and dear subject to many (one i'm all-too familiar with XD) -
                                                           The Fan- Girling Phenomenon

so what is fan-girling you ask?? to put it simply-
...and before you boys decide this is not a topic for you .. you might want to THINK TWICE XD

yup i know dudes who faint at the sight of a brand new anime *cough cough* (dude you know who you are ;p) or when the latest Assassin's Creed version is released etc. etc. fact is you guys absolutely cannot escape from the the clutches of the fangirl-phenomenon!!!
i am sure you do bro -_-

 so today i wanted to address this mind-boggling issue that has lead to a whole new generation of teenage drama-queens and kings ... some of the questions faced being WHY?? ,WHEN?? IS IT INFECTIOUS?? and HOW THE HECK DO I SAVE MYSELF??!!

the answer is a really simple one :

yeah.. this dude placed it perfectly .. i salute you brother XD there is absolutely no reason as to why one must stop fangirling... everyone has a reason, a purpose and a lifetime achievement towards which , if one wants to progress upon in life, the person ultimately has to end up 'fan-girling'
there are many types of fan-girls :
#1  The "i-love-him-so-much-i-could-die" type
#2  The "oh-he's/she's-too-good-for-me-but-i-still-love-him/her!!" (eg: meghan fox and zayn malik)
#3  The "oh- i'm-not-a-fangirl" ..but when at home and forever alone.. " sweet-mother-of-god-        he's/she's- freakin-PUUUUUUUUURRFECT??!!!"
 and NEVER ..EVER make the mistake of hating on a fandom or a fan-girl for that matter, because *SPOILER ALERT* -------> they are highly sensitive beings who don't give a damn about what'll or how you'll end up once you've insulted them ... Savvy??  -_- *cue thunderous applause for the epic pirates of the carribbean reference ;p*
 .. for instance one very unfortunate  dweeb decided to mess with the wrong fandom:
but directioners worldwide, united in a quest to unleash their fury ....

 in a rather unfortunate series of events this guy never saw the light of day XD
and now the question arises .. is it ok to be a fangirl/ fanboy ... my advice - its completley normal to be the crazy, high-strung teenager that you are as long as you don't take things too far! no hurling insults , no bitching and most importantly no down-grading of other fandoms .... you see to be a fangirl/boy is something to be proud of ... because not everybody has the feels and the guts to be that "one-of-a-kind" fangirl/boy... so be UNIQUE. be HYSTERICAL.. HYPERVENTILATE once in a while  XD ... but most importantly ... be PROUD to be part of this once in a life-time fangirling phenomenon !!!

Until we meet again.. my mellow-minions XD
may the odds be ever in your favour!!


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