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Pep-Talks For The Socially Awkward Soul

Hello teenage-kind. 
Today's blog is suppose to be short and crisp (It's also stems off of a class assignment). But we all know i go on forever so, apologies in advance 
I know monologues are as English Lit. as it gets. But today I had the greatest epiphany there ever was.   I've always struggled with being a "people person" I can't hold people in awe or move a crowd to tears. heck I can't even get my dog to come play fetch with me -_-
Of course being socially awkward is inevitable but it helps to turn to some of our favorite fictional heroes for pointers and much needed help (because I for one distinctly recall every insignificant thing a protagonist has said ever.)
So today, we're talking Movies. Monologues. Bad-ass characters. Stuff that blows every compartment of my nano-particle brain. I've picked two of my favorites,  Here goes,
#1 Elizabeth Swann in Pirate of The Caribbean: At World's End 
"Then, what shall we die for? You will list…