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The Essential Traveller's Handbook

Heeyyyyyyyyy minions!
sup? and welcome to another non-eventful (NOT.) blog-post. Before we go any further, i feel the urge to tell all those obligated to read this blog,not to feel the way they do ;P  READ AT YOUR EXPENSE.  i will say this however, i can assure you that hopefully you won't be too disappointed. so what's on today's agenda you ask? well I've been travelling this whole week and i'm about to embark on yet another week-long college trip to Rajasthan (a state in my ginormous country - India) and so I've thought long and hard and decided to jot down my top 7 reasons why you should  NOT travel at all. WHY YOU SHOULDN'T TRAVEL
#1 packing up EVERYTHING  ... and still feeling you've forgotten something.

when i left home last friday i was sure something was amiss. i couldn't sleep well and the non-closure was killing me. So if you can't pack, your Vaca deserves a wack (i tried hard to come up with that xD)
#2 The HORRIBLE travel experience

This Too Shall Pass.. (like a kidney stone :P)

hey howdie-hey my little cherubic minions(ettes)!
welcome to another (not so glamorous) edition of everyday epiphanies. I haven't blogged in a while because I certainly felt like i was down in the dumps for 3 weeks.
today's blog is not necessarily going to be something totally rad and new and innovative or anything.. its more like and extended version of my lemonade theory.. put into practice.

  I've been going through a rough patch. barely 2 and a half weeks after dad bought me a phone, someone stole it from college
BUMMER.  and yes the intense feelings of anger, hate and utter resentment for all of mankind still runs through my veins. it's a phase folks :P needless to say my feelings were running amok .
and then as if that wasn't enough my exams pretty much sucked .. except for sociology and economics, (English maybe??) so know i'm just glad it's all over and done with xD And now that my exams …