This Too Shall Pass.. (like a kidney stone :P)

hey howdie-hey my little cherubic minions(ettes)!
welcome to another (not so glamorous) edition of everyday epiphanies. I haven't blogged in a while because I certainly felt like i was down in the dumps for 3 weeks.
today's blog is not necessarily going to be something totally rad and new and innovative or anything.. its more like and extended version of my lemonade theory.. put into practice.

  I've been going through a rough patch. barely 2 and a half weeks after dad bought me a phone, someone stole it from college
 and yes the intense feelings of anger, hate and utter resentment for all of mankind still runs through my veins. it's a phase folks :P needless to say my feelings were running amok .

and then as if that wasn't enough my exams pretty much sucked .. except for sociology and economics, (English maybe??) so know i'm just glad it's all over and done with xD
And now that my exams are over and i'm beginning to feel all lazy ... ii'm suddenly reminded by the fact that i have 500,000  mins worth home work to do
so i'm gonna be a great role model and propagate a new theory------->

YAAAAY! #letsprocrastinatetogether #thathastagwastoolong

 also I decided to write to this journalist who's article i read and really like so i did. and guess what? journalists are snobby, good-two-shoes people..until they write back to you :P
The fact of the matter is that I've had a few (notice the lack of exertion and stress on the word "few") dizzying ups and a gazillion crushing lows. i was really beginning to get all moody and dismal but then I had an epiphany

its really quite mind-blowing actually. I realized that inspite of being possibly the most unluckiest person alive i stiil have great things to look forward to like----->
#1 2 college trips with a bunch of totally obnoxious weirdo friends xD.. i'm soooo looking forward to it (_insert whatever emoji you want_) 
#2 a new phone (dad actually decided to get me a new one inspite of all my short comings :0) 
#3 being a part of PInc.(the overall planning committee for my Belgium exchange programme thing-a-majig 
#4 getting my first pseudo job!!!! someone actually read this blog and offered me a chance to freelance on a new app being released in mumbai called Hey Neighbor!i am so thrilled to have this opportunity and equally feel nervous about the daunting task ahead 
#5 go on a YouTube Binge and not feeling too bad about it . 'NUFF SAID

i guess what i'm trying to say is (apart from the whole "when life gives you lemon" thing {refer to "The Lemonade Theory}) that even if you feel low and slow .. and you have no hope.. just know ..that i have mad rhyming skillz BRO xD.. (i kid you not) ok just kidding
all you need to know is to live in the present and not worry about your future .. cos if life did give you lemons and it turned out to be herpes, know that this too shall pass .. just like kidney stones xD
All the love,
as always Cheerio amigo's 
Liza <3


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