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'Tis Sorcery!

Hello everyone,

My IB english Lit. class sought from me, an analysis of the dramatic elements from Act-1 of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" - a haunting tale based off of the Salem Witch Trials that happened in Massachusetts in 1692-93.
I was late going about it, but an analysis they shall receive!

Surprising as it may be, I wasn't completely enamored by the prospect of delving into witchcraft and sorcery in the late 17th century (I fear I am an ignorant old soul and the devil does me no good)
Oddly enough though after reading through Act-1 of the play and watching a live theater performance  of the same at the Old Vic in London online (directed by Yaël Farber, 2014) I am totally and utterly bewitched *puns always painstakingly intended*

All in all, this first half proved to have a very "Exorcist" vibe. waaaay creepy. waaay spooky. very in season with Halloween. Give it a read/watch if your sick of age-old horror films and have a thing for possessed British…

How To Be Every Fiction Writer Ever.

Hello Everybody!

It's been almost a year and a half since I've started writing on this blog. I like to think of it as an interesting piece of my subconscious self.
The part of me that does do all the thinking and calculating and emoting. Which is why you, as a reader, probably find half the stuff on here- complete and utter gibberish

However, in order to grow both as a writer beyond the confines of this blog and a become a much more comprehensible human being, I figured it's time I pulled up my socks and tried to assimilate and emulate every fiction writer ever. Or at least pretend to be one.

In my quest to be Fiction-Author-Extraordinaire, I stumbled upon the various techniques and must-do's by the who-ha's of the crime-fighting-myth-busting- heart-breaking world of great stories i.e, namely Stephen King, John Green, Jonathan Franzen and Kurt Vonnegut.

So what does it really take to make a great story? 
I've done a little research and distilled the following …

Pep-Talks For The Socially Awkward Soul

Hello teenage-kind. 
Today's blog is suppose to be short and crisp (It's also stems off of a class assignment). But we all know i go on forever so, apologies in advance 
I know monologues are as English Lit. as it gets. But today I had the greatest epiphany there ever was.   I've always struggled with being a "people person" I can't hold people in awe or move a crowd to tears. heck I can't even get my dog to come play fetch with me -_-
Of course being socially awkward is inevitable but it helps to turn to some of our favorite fictional heroes for pointers and much needed help (because I for one distinctly recall every insignificant thing a protagonist has said ever.)
So today, we're talking Movies. Monologues. Bad-ass characters. Stuff that blows every compartment of my nano-particle brain. I've picked two of my favorites,  Here goes,
#1 Elizabeth Swann in Pirate of The Caribbean: At World's End 
"Then, what shall we die for? You will list…

That Time The World Didn't Have A BoyBand

Dear everyone,
Hello! Hi. Konichiwa! and welcome to this.
The sanctum-sanctorium of us- the jobless,highly intelligent, young adults.
(most of whom have been coerced through a link online to read stuff you didn't want to -_-)
Ok then! and on that note .....LETS BEGIN SHALL WE?

I am terribly sorry for having taken this impromptu Hiatus mid month. I didn't mean to be lazy (OF COURSE I WAS) but I was moving and packing and listening to awesome music and I FORGOT OK?!
Speaking of hiatuses
About a week ago, pop phenomenon One Direction (or whatever's left of it *insert devastated fangirl emoji*) celebrated 6 years of inception from back in 2010

I'll tell you what. I Feel old.
and even though I no longer enjoy their music like I did as a wee 9th grader, (Ok. I was naive. and slightly ditzy -_-) I feel obliged as an Ex-EX-EXXXXX-Directioner to highlight the things we did before One Direction.

Of course our life hasn't forever been spent cha…

Dear Grownup's, Sincerely-Us.

Right off the bat, I just want to point out that I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings *cough* MOM *cough* adults-in-general *cough*
This is a light-hearted rant and I'd greatly appreciate it if you weren't butt-hurt and take it all with a pinch of salt :)

Now from feedback I've received over the past one year of this blog's existence, I've come to the conclusion that most of my audience falls under the "teenage" stage of life.

Others happen to be sore losers like me.
Juuuust kidding   xD
No. But for real, a lot of people who read my blog posts are teens, tweens, soon-to-be-teens or even adults-who-never-grew-up-and-still-think-they're-teens ...  We're talking about the whole shing-a-ding of a spectrum, earthlings :0 And if you're anything like me, you're probably facing the same problems I do. 

Its all very cringe-worthy for…

The Stuff Of Legends

Hey there mon chér!
welcome. sit.
no wait! grab yourself a snack and a cup of elixir (if you're worthy enough) and then come back.
good? no? make haste! we've got things to talk about and not enough time.
but then again whoever had time as an adversary?

Alice Through The Looking Glass (In Cinemas May 27th)
TeeHee. xD
Oy Vey. I've strayed off topic haven't I? Well today, what should I address? I know for starters that today is a new day. Another chance for all of humanity to redo and unlearn everything they've yearned to be. Its a day where new babes are being born right this very second and the very essence of life is being snuffed out like a candlestick. Today is also a day when Dreams are being crushed and at the very same time - remarkably! Dreams are also changing the face of our humble human race WHEW. That was waaaay to deep. TIME OUT.

Dreams. I think that's what we're going to have a nice chat about.

The World started out because of one big dream. som…