That Time The World Didn't Have A BoyBand

Dear everyone,
Hello! Hi. Konichiwa! and welcome to this.
The sanctum-sanctorium of us- the jobless,highly intelligent, young adults.
(most of whom have been coerced through a link online to read stuff you didn't want to -_-)

Ok then! and on that note .....LETS BEGIN SHALL WE?

I am terribly sorry for having taken this impromptu Hiatus mid month. I didn't mean to be lazy (OF COURSE I WAS) but I was moving and packing and listening to awesome music and I FORGOT OK?!
Speaking of hiatuses
About a week ago, pop phenomenon One Direction (or whatever's left of it *insert devastated fangirl emoji*) celebrated 6 years of inception from back in 2010


I'll tell you what. I Feel old.
and even though I no longer enjoy their music like I did as a wee 9th grader, (Ok. I was naive. and slightly ditzy -_-) I feel obliged as an Ex-EX-EXXXXX-Directioner to highlight the things we did before One Direction.

Of course our life hasn't forever been spent chasing virtual Pokemon and pretending to be cute canines on snapchat. So without further ado, here's how the world went about doing it's business...

BEFORE One Direction

#1 The World Was Multi-directional
We were immune to our physics teachers uttering the phrase "One Direction" whilst explaining gravitation. We didn't only restrict ourselves to one highly misleading genre of music known as pop. We were constantly at a crossroads with our self. We drew arrows pointing to the north,south,east,AND BLOODY WEST.


#2 Justin Bieber Sang "Baby" And Dressed Like This

Ahhh those mildly euphoric times when he wasn't actually half nude all the time, wore his pants lower or charged with multiple DUI warrants.
This man-child ruled the world with his ripped gloves and signature bowl cut hair , not to mention an infamous purple hoodie until 1D came along and gave him an equal/more run for his money and the ladies xD 
Also #Jelena was a thing :'(

#3 Kylie Jenner Was 12 
Yep. thats her alright. Of course that was before she went all trigger happy and discovered lip fillers,super-modelling and a slightly mad liquid lipkit obsession.

#4 Eminem and Rihanna were our OTP <3

For starters this was our jam of the summer .. 
"Love The Way You Lie" smashed the charts broke records and won our hearts <3

He also kinda, sorta predicted our lives 6 and a half years on, in the lyrics in a very uncaany way
turns out life has very much become a nintendo game. MINDBLOWN :O

#5 iPhone 3G was H-A-W-T

It actually fit the palm of our hands. It was a miracle of science and you didn't see every 10 year old walk around with one.:0 

#6 Shakira Shook Her Hips. Again.

On the plus side they were some really great hips :o.  
Apparently her hips stopped lying circa 2005
Oh and the football... yeah that was great too! *beat drop* This time for Africa. 

#7 Prince Charming IRL

Kate Middleton and William whats-his-name finally got engaged and she had a tasteful blue sapphire diamond encrusted ring to prove it! 
And the rest as they say is royal history :)
(yes i'm talking about the 2 adorable munchkins down the line xD)

#8 Zoella Could Use A Makeover

Believe it or not, a very feotus-y Zoella loved black nail polish, grunge hair styles, kohl and tank tops! 
She'd just started her blog full-time and was pursuing her youtube dream in full steam with a little under 4000 subs (3982 in feb to be exact). 
The internet beauty guru seems to have come a long way with over 10 million makeup-crazed fans (including me xD) and we couldn't be more thankful for those endless hair-styling tips :p

And there you have it! my take on a pre One Direction era of grandeur, fruitfulness, accomplishment and small/humble beginnings:)
Here's to an equally grand future filled with boybands, tasteful music and snapchat updates that don't involve pokemons.
Until next time!
Liza xx.


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