I Love You A Latte... geddit?

It's February.
Valentine's day is coming up or something.

So what is love?

Love is my cheesy explanation of what love is. It is my completely unbiased, third-party observation of what loved-up people do. Which is superficial stuff like a ring, a flower and a pink teddy bear from 1973. It's basically my mum and my dachshund yuki after his trip to get vaccinations (she spoils that dog more than she has ever loved me... but then again what really is love?)

wait till you guys meet my dog. 

Love to me is different though.It's a great pun

It's that exact moment when I look at a person, literally anybody, and we have a mutual taste in dank memes.
 It's me going bowling with a friend 6832 kms away in India- but over a phone and we still laugh about it.
It's my sister talking in her sleep about her love affair with pizza's (it's love because I love the opportunity of having a good laugh about it at breakfast next morning. she's a hoot)
Love for me is having an extended deadline on an essay. honestly if my teachers did that every time I'd love them more than I love the internet.. which is saying much since I practically breathe the internet.
Love is also coffee. because lets be real. COFFEE.

love is a whole lot of stuff to me. I haven't killed myself or drowned in a toxic pool of tears yet, So I guess I'm doing okay.



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