Dear Grownup's, Sincerely-Us.

Right off the bat, I just want to point out that I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings *cough* MOM *cough* adults-in-general *cough*
This is a light-hearted rant and I'd greatly appreciate it if you weren't butt-hurt and take it all with a pinch of salt :)

Now from feedback I've received over the past one year of this blog's existence, I've come to the conclusion that most of my audience falls under the "teenage" stage of life.

Others happen to be sore losers like me.
Juuuust kidding 

No. But for real, a lot of people who read my blog posts are teens, tweens, soon-to-be-teens or even adults-who-never-grew-up-and-still-think-they're-teens ... 
We're talking about the whole shing-a-ding of a spectrum, earthlings :0
And if you're anything like me, you're probably facing the same problems I do. 


Its all very cringe-worthy for me. And all too very real. 
Somehow I feel like teenagers who are liberal, free-thinking/free-spirited or even just keen to keep exploring, are not taken seriously. AT ALL. Somehow, everything we speak or try to do is either irrelevant or "just a phase" 

So dear grown-ups, I present to you- my top 10 reasons why...

You Should Start Taking Teens Seriously

#1 We've actually done our bit for society
Okay, in all honesty teenagers RULE.
We've dominated the silver screen, electrified the music-scene and started our own lipkits

There's a specific reason Katnis Everdeen was 16 years old. she epitomized every cool person on the planet. And by cool people i mean teenagers. 
although Morgan Freeman is PRETTY COOL :0

#2 Not all of us are hiding something
Why is it that every teacher, parent and person in authority seems to come to the grand conclusion that every time we don't give you a generous amount of eye-contact we're plotting to bomb pearl harbor?!?! 
we respect you. We appreciate you but what we really mean to say is that we're thinking deep shizz! I'm talking Nobel-Prize-worthy-thoughts.

So please appreciate and be sensitive of our life-altering introvert-esque atittude and understand that we're not all shady. Or throwing shade 
*insert definition of 'throwing shade'*
"To talk trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect."

#3 We don't trash talk all the time
Granted, some of us trash talk about more beiber-related-trivia than actually taking out the real deal everyday,but that doesn't mean we're all soft in the head. In fact we're only laying emphasize on our opinions.

So all-in-all we're not cussing all the time and when and if at all we do cuss,we don't cuss to harm. We're cussing to vent. Venting leads to brainstorming and brainstorming led to the brilliant trojan horse that lay waste to Troy. Et Voila!
Trust me, You need us 
*insert definition of 'cuss'*
A slang word for ''curse''.

#4 Not all of us are Metal Heads 
 Listening to rock or heavy metal or other questionable forms of music does not define us whatsover. We are independent entities and are not "dark" or "sinister" or "scandalous" because of the music we listen to.

Most of us aren't stereotypical head-banging metal-heads either. And even if we are studies have shown that kids who listen to certain types of rock music have increased brain-activity
Not so bad now eh?

#5 We deal with Con Artists All.The.Time
The very fact that we deal with bullies, depressants, heart-breakers and just bad people in general and yet come out stronger and tougher through it all speaks for itself! trippy as it feels
It's like the final rinse-cycle on a washing machine, Only we aren't wrung out in the end. I like to think we'd make pretty decent crocodile hunters.
So yeah. If we can go through all that. methinks we can deal with other stuff too :)
which leads me to point #6....

#6 We can handle finances too!
So here's the deal. You give us pocket money circa age 10 and still roughly 7 years later you still don't think we can handle it! 

Dear grownups, we admit we fumble and stumble half the time but you have to trust us when we say we really really appreciate it when you let us handle our own money.
We sincerely promise not to buy that Ferrari we always wanted and help ya'll buy the grocery instead.
Really got to have some self-worth at this point *sigh*

The fact of the matter is most of the time, when we commit to something, we mean it.
(That is of course; exclusive of looks, trends and fashion statements)
So 99% of the time when we commit ourselves to some sort of ideology,belief,or goal we usually accomplish it 50% of the time 

That's more than half the time- give or take .... I think.... my mathematical skills were always under par *insert sighing emoji*
Basically we commit. Which means we're reliable. Which means trrruuuuuuussst in meeeeeeee

#8 We're very inclusive :)
Stereotypically, teens are the most stuck up bunch of brats you'll have ever met in your entire life.
We're usually divided into jocks, nerds, goths, more nerds, hot chicks, lost-beyond-all-redemption-nerds and skaters.
even occasionally jamaican dancehall-enthusiasts :0
But in all honesty, we really actually look out for each other because we all go through the hell-pot that is pubescent life.
take our unrealistically favourite teen movie of the summer - HSM for example
Sure we fight and squabble but in reality, we teens have an unwritten code of conduct to always look out for other insignificant teens (at the time) if ever a savage army of grownups infringe our basic fundamental rights.
Of course that's not to say we'll turn against you or anything. ITS ALL CHILL.
Basically we're all teenage feminists <3

#9 We want what's best for you too 
I mean how hard can it be right? when we actually voice an opinion we're thinking about your mental state too. We don't want things to go down hill for both our sakes.
Maybe you could do with people who want universal peace eh? which leds me to No. #10

#10 We think you're a cool <3
 Okay.sometimes we're sinister, reclusive and insolent on the outside But really, deep down within, We love you guys *Gulp*

Can we talk about how calm and collected you guys are?! ya'll handle life's biggest oddities and calamities like Kristen Stewart's face. absolutely unaffected.
 And that is sooooooooooo cool. 
Like Rad.

And on that note I think I'll end this open-letter to my Homies A.K.A Le Grownups.
 *insert definition of 'Homie'* 
"A friend; somebody one often hangs out with."

I hope we've all learnt a valuable lesson to take away from here......
TeeHee. Just kidding xD
On a more serious note love thy grownups as yourselves. You might not realize it, but you need them more than they need you.
Oh, and grownups? please don't take us for granted.You probably already realize it but... you need us a whole lot more than your job needs you.
Until Next time...Sincerely,
 (on behalf of 'Us' ~ a generation of very uncool anti social pessimists)


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