The Essential Traveller's Handbook

Heeyyyyyyyyy minions!
sup? and welcome to another non-eventful (NOT.) blog-post. Before we go any further, i feel the urge to tell all those obligated to read this blog,not to feel the way they do ;P 
i will say this however, i can assure you that hopefully you won't be too disappointed.
so what's on today's agenda you ask? well I've been travelling this whole week and i'm about to embark on yet another week-long college trip to Rajasthan (a state in my ginormous country - India) and so I've thought long and hard and decided to jot down my top 7 reasons why you should  NOT travel at all.

#1 packing up EVERYTHING 
... and still feeling you've forgotten something.

when i left home last friday i was sure something was amiss. i couldn't sleep well and the non-closure was killing me. So if you can't pack, your Vaca deserves a wack (i tried hard to come up with that xD)

#2 The HORRIBLE travel experience

well duh. if you're going to waste 2 weeks of your life away from home anyway, might as well have a horrid,bumpy bus ride as well no? so spare the agony. and no... don't catch a flight instead because AIN'T NOBODY GOT THE DOUGH FOR THAT.

#3 That NOISY friend 
*friends actually
Unfortunately on almost every sojourn you'll be bound to have that one group of excessively loud-speaker friends who can't shut up and sit still. To them, i say-

but if that doesn't work, why try? don't even bother stepping out of the comfort of your blissful/peaceful home. 

#4 But first... Lemme Take A #Selfie syndrome

 you go from that ^ to that ------------------------------------------->
all the annoying selfies will eventually take it's toll on you. 

#5 Awfully un-realistic living conditions 

yeah right. so i deserve to live like a king for a couple of days! 
All it does is make you hate how tiny and cramped your otherwise Ethereal room, is ..... #TRUESTORY

#6 Too much fun

its all fun and games at first ....

until you become this chick 

so save yourself the embarrassment and rock the boring-home-scene

#7 All the walking

nope.. did not sign up to walk on vacation ... definitely

And there you have it!!!!!! my top 7 reasons to not travel. also for the benefit of all those who cannot detect distinct sarcasm, bear in mind that i was being completely sarcastic. PLEASE GO TRAVEL. its possibly one of the best things you can ever do in your non-expandable lifespan xD
in my case.. Aurangabad was B-E-A-UTIFUL and i'm hoping Rajasthan will exceed my expectations
better get packing then.. you never know when you'll have an adventure next!
until next time
your friendly neighborhood blogger-(wo)man
Liza <3


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