The Lemonade Theory

welcome to another edition of everyday epiphanies... (i admit i'm quite lazy, apologies for my tardiness in keeping up with the times ;p)
so today was a rather eventful day, i attended a National-level debating contest and boy-oh-boy did i have my ass whooped big time xD
Needless to say i went in dreaming of the Rs 25,000 cash prize (which translates to around 250 pounds/$376.56) and an extremely cocky and arrogant attitude (even though my belly was doing flip-flops round the time i was about to start debating!) which didn't do me any good because i made it to the 2nd round and was crushed by a 21 year-old law student from Mumbai university :(

and all the while i can only think of what fun he must be having climbing up the ladder,stabbing others in his quest for WORD Domination (+1 if you see what i did there xD) and ultimately winning the grand prize
i have now adopted the motto- "when life gives you lemons, squeeze some in your eye and cry"
*a moment of silence to let me wallow in sorrow*

moving on...
i also got my very first 5-inch smartphone yesterday on the occasion of my birthday last sunday!!
correction.. WAS my birthday ;p
anyhow this phone business is all very grand. First off when you go from ice cream sandwich to lollipop (the android versions) you'll be in for a real suprise my friend.. turns out your phone actually works when it has a better android system!

the phone specs/review/reaction etc. are going to be part of another blog altogether but basically here's a sneak-peek as to how bamboozled i was when i laid eyes on my delectable suprise birthday present
real accurate non?
then again you'll never know xD
also the very first selfie i took was this:

i know i know... now might be a nice time to apply that motto of mine into practice xD (and to think a 13 mega pixel camera would do you any good)
now before i stray of topic any longer let me get back to why and what the title means what it does
as the very name of blog suggests, today i had a sudden epiphany!
there are 2 types of people in life, who abide by 2 very different lemonade theories:
#1 "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
#2 "when life gives you lemons, squeeze some in your eye and cry"

however today it dawned to me that even though i faced humiliating defeat and was crushed at the hands of my enemy i had so many things to laugh about- my phone, my epic sleep over with my super rad friends *bhavani* *yashvi* *cough cough* .. my stupid french diction my even stupider english grammar ...even the fact that i lost 2 kilos over the past 2 months is real funny to me

so here's what i think... sometimes when life throws you lemons glad it wasn't herpes ;)

A Tout a l'heure! ciao!!


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