Events, Production and Documentation.... EVENTS WIN THOUGH xD

hey howdie-ho folks!
this special and very impromptu blog post is going to deal with something quite different.
instead of talking on and on about boring-old-me .. i'm gonna do a little endorsement thinga-majig 
so my college St. Xaviers conducts this awesome English Drama Fest every year called ITHAKA (pronounced "ee-thi-ca" .. don't ask me why it sounds so different from what you expected it to be;p)

This year i ran from pillar to post trying to get into one of the many departments involved with ITHAKA .. i was finally called by 3 departments: Events, Production and Documentation. i'm hoping to make it into one of the three this year so i can be a better human *cough cough* not really i just get super-human bragging rights xD *cough cough* 
although it was a really tough choice if i had to be in any one department i think i'd have to go with Events followed by documentation (a close second) because they're awesome and involve people and loads of campaigning and designing .. where else would you get the best of three worlds??! 
(also i tend to yak away A LOT  so Events will probably let me do that .. i guess?)
I've never done any serious event management before though .. so i know i don't stand the slimmest chance against the other 250+ people who've applied as well BUT i'm a quick learner,i'm willing to learn and take notes.. and i think i deserve a chance 
So here i am writing away, hoping the Event Heads will read this and think i really deserve to be in their fab-tastic group *hint hint*

Anyway this year it's going to be held on the 30th of November and the 1st and 2nd of December (ticket sales shall be duly notified  as and when i get any updates)so cancel all your plans and head on over to St. Xaviers college, Mumbai and witness and epic clash of the Capulet's and the Montague's as the greatest drama renditions of all time come to life! 

here's hoping ya'll have a great ITHAKA!
your friendly neighborhood batman. NOT


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