NEWton's Theory Of Embracing New Stuff.

hello MLM's :) welcome to another much anticipated edition of Everyday Epiphanies.
I know I'm probably the laziest bum when it comes to blogging frequently. Pardon. desolé! Lets jump straight into it shall we?

Fun Fact #1 - It's going to be exactly one year since I started this blog tomorrow!
Fun Fact #2 - I'm about to shift home base from Mumbai to a whole new country :0
Fun Fact #3 - Today is said to be the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC

 Why the odd haphazard, seemingly-random array of information you ask?
stop gawking lass :0

If you happen to be intelligent like me ( and I hope for your sake you are :p) you'll find that all three events are linked in more ways than one.

For example, take #1 .... Me and this silly old blog turning a whole 1 year together
*Cue Confetti and Thunderous Applause*

... yes yes. I'M A BLOOMIN' GENIUS. we all know that. DUH.
heck, so are you guys! On a more serious note, the readers are what makes this whole experience a whole lot more vivid, ethereal and appealing. Just knowing that someone out there in the great unknown is actually reading my stuff is pretty darn mind blowing :0
And no. My mom does not count xD

Thus OUR one year anniversary not only marks a milestone achievement in OUR lives but is also a friendly reminder to me that happiness can be found in the most unlikeliest of places! This blogging business, an erstwhile hobby of mine, has now sprouted two wings and a dash of zealousness and consumed my very being in the process.
To say it's a passion of mine would be an understatement. Much like "The Passion Of Christ" xD

So to conclude this stupid rant one can assume that tomorrow ushers in a new Bieber.
Sorry I had to do that xD
But seriously, tomorrow is literally the start of something new

GOD BLESS FOETUS #TROYELLA <3 And new beginnings of course ;p

Moving onto #2 which is me moving home base..
So I'm not at liberty to disclose a whole lot of information ( look at me being all James Bond-esque ) but the fact of the matter is - I'm moving away. For A LONG TIME.
                                               Julie Andrews is my spirit animal xD
which is again very scary. very exciting and VERY new to me.

Last but not least #3 is all about a very dismal time in the past.
For  many an Aeon it has been believed that today (which happens to be known as The Ides of March -a very notable and infamous day in history) is a real blunderous day in history when all of Rome experienced an "oh-oh-woopsie-daisies" moment, when their beloved monarch and ruler - Julius Caesar was brutally betrayed and assassinated by his BFF in broad daylight.

Now as I kept googling up the importance of The Ides of March it kind of struck me that the internet is a mean place where everyone is depressing as hell and everyone thinks its a bad omen to be born on The Ides of March.
obviously I think otherwise.

I think The Ides of March was one of the most brilliant days to ever have happened in history.
Sure a great ruler died. Sure his BFF betrayed him. Ok maybe Rome was left to decrpitude.
But it also taught the world to be a stronger place. It raised up other strong and vociferous leaders like Anthony who later changed the course of history forever. In other words it was the beginning of a brand NEW era.

I figure you might have figured out what I'm trying to express so far ..
I had an epiphany this morning *you don't say Liza... you don't say -_-* 
well it was a good epiphany ok!
So I've been struggling to accept and embrace New-ness. Its all very foreign to me. And also very daunting.
me in a nutshell. 

But then I realised that if any of us have to get on with our lives we have to put away our old lethargic selfes and try and bring out the new in us. Find out what lies beyond our present horizons, ever-pushing the boundaries and limits to our comfort zones.

Of course the road to inner peace and tranquility and new-ness is never easy. and it never has been for me. But pushing my boundaries has made me feel limitless this week and ever-expansive and I figure if you and I did it together we can push each other to be our very best everyday each day and twice on sundays xD

I was once called Issac Newton because of my wavy, frizzy-dizzy hair in the 8th grade. So now I've decided to channel the inner Newton in me and make up a psuedo Theory that works or all of us. You ready for this?
lets all embrace this new theory: 

NEWtons Theory Of Embracing New Stuff.

Step 1: Try Something totally new.
For example, I'm a toytal non-fish kinda person and here I am floating in the fish-mosphere this whole week! ( as in I'm eating more fish than I ever would)
ok so this isn't the best example ever. but you get my drift xD

Step 2 : Feel great about yourself

never let anyone bring you down, tell you it's dangerous, or say you aren't good enough. you just have to prove them otherwise like I did.
#KeepHustling or #HustleHarder :)

Step 3: Keep up the mojo!
Never stop trying out different things. Everyday is new and unexpected.
Whether it's actually trying to study seriously for the first time or Bungee Jumping of the Grand Canyon all alone - whatever it is that gets your heart pumping, you keep your head up and show the world how its done!

Step 4: Introduce this theory to someone NEW
Because no one should ever be afraid to explore and push themselves to the limits!

Step 5share the love. and tons of encouragement :)
Because everyone loves a personal cheerleader!
just don't nag ok?

.....And just like that you're good to go!

here's hoping I see you on the new fun side soon :)
P.S- Youtube Fanfest is happening this monday and I got NEW sneakers to go with my NEW shirt which makes me totally awesome at this xD

All The Love <3
~ Liza 


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