Capetown Vlog June 2017


What truth does Firdaus realize by the end of "Woman at Point Zero"?

Firdaus is one of the most brazen protagonists I've ever read about towards the end of the novel. By the time she has been sentenced to death, she is a force to be reckoned with and is very brutally honest with her impression of what a male-dominated bureaucracy looks like.
I think by the end of novel she eliminates the word "fear" from her vocabulary.
Her realization that her identity as a prostitute would never define her identity as a human being is also characteristic towards her execution. I think what struck me the most was the shift in her attitude about herself. she goes from being vacant and empty to being a passionate advocate in the power of truth, as she quite passionately stated how "This fearful truth gives [her] great strength" (112)
I also believed that by the end of the novel she truly learnt to embrace feminism.
However what truly gladdened my heart was when she finally became a living embodiment of Jason Bourne. Her discovery of fear in the …

I Love You A Latte... geddit?

It's February.
Valentine's day is coming up or something.

So what is love?

Love is my cheesy explanation of what love is. It is my completely unbiased, third-party observation of what loved-up people do. Which is superficial stuff like a ring, a flower and a pink teddy bear from 1973. It's basically my mum and my dachshund yuki after his trip to get vaccinations (she spoils that dog more than she has ever loved me... but then again what really is love?)

wait till you guys meet my dog. 
Love to me is different though.It's a great pun

It's that exact moment when I look at a person, literally anybody, and we have a mutual taste in dank memes.
 It's me going bowling with a friend 6832 kms away in India- but over a phone and we still laugh about it.
It's my sister talking in her sleep about her love affair with pizza's (it's love because I love the opportunity of having a good laugh about it at breakfast next morning. she's a hoot)
Love for me is hav…

Oedipus WRECKs

Oedipus Rex is a delightful Greek play (to say the least) penned by legendary Greek playwright- Sophocles, which is set over 3 Acts that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "I love my mommy".
It is a Greek tale that questions all logic and leads one to believe that sometimes, running from point A to get to point B can give birth to 'problem Z' and- should therefore, be never undertaken unless one has a greater and deeper understanding of the world of mathematically being screwed over by the Gods.

Over the course of the past 2-ish weeks my English Lit. class has just delved into the mesmerizing world of incest, road rage, divine retribution (that can not be questioned duh.), amnesia, and blind men who could take you down.

After reading 2 scenes from the play our class figured it would be fun to try and recast new actors to act out the the original play and being the 'Game of Thrones' addict that I am, I decided to cast an all-star cast exclusively from th…

Between The Devil And The Deep Sea

Come Act-2 of "The Crucible", Mr. John Proctor is faced with a dilemma - confessing his infidelity with 17 year-old Abigail to his wife Elizabeth amongst others, or- keeping his secret and risking the execution of his wife Elizabeth to accusations thrown at her by Abigail who believes she's been meddling with the occult.

I find John's predicament to be an interesting one.

If he were to confess, he would be the black sheep of his town (possibly even face death) but possibly save his wife's life because Abigail's true character would be revealed- a conniving, selfish girl who wanted him all to herself and wanted Elizabeth out of the way. If he kept silence he'd lose his wife, his standing in society (owing to the fact that he's already been under suspicion of being "ungodly" and "non-christian virtues") he'd forever be labelled a man who let his wife dabbel with the occult.

If I was Proctor, I would come clean about my adultery.…

'Tis Sorcery!

Hello everyone,

My IB english Lit. class sought from me, an analysis of the dramatic elements from Act-1 of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" - a haunting tale based off of the Salem Witch Trials that happened in Massachusetts in 1692-93.
I was late going about it, but an analysis they shall receive!

Surprising as it may be, I wasn't completely enamored by the prospect of delving into witchcraft and sorcery in the late 17th century (I fear I am an ignorant old soul and the devil does me no good)
Oddly enough though after reading through Act-1 of the play and watching a live theater performance  of the same at the Old Vic in London online (directed by YaĆ«l Farber, 2014) I am totally and utterly bewitched *puns always painstakingly intended*

All in all, this first half proved to have a very "Exorcist" vibe. waaaay creepy. waaay spooky. very in season with Halloween. Give it a read/watch if your sick of age-old horror films and have a thing for possessed British…